Team Builiding and Corporate Paddle

Written by 
Capt. Jarrod Covington
October 17, 2017
Written by:
Capt. Jarrod Covington
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Any local will tell you that the best time of year to be on the water is during the fall season. Why, you may ask?

After Labor Day Weekend, the tourists return home and the island, the beaches, and the waterways once again belong to the locals. With less traffic on the water and temperatures in the 70s, fall is the ideal opportunity to take advantage of team building events and corporate retreats. Grab your sorority or fraternity, your sales team or your family unit, and head to Wrightsville SUP, where the water will be all yours!

We offer group rates and lessons for Stand Up Paddleboards, kayaks, and surfboards. Group activities encourage teamwork, foster communication and leadership, and create a culture of trust and confidence. Group activities on the water come with all of the above and a double-dose of fun and adventure.

Round up your crew and give us a call to book. We look forward to showing you a memorable time on the water this fall!