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Experience the best of Wrightsville Beach on SUPs, Kayaks, Outriggers or Bikes - just ask a local! You'll love life on the water as much as we do at the end of the day! Come take advantage of the best location - welcome to the family!  

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Meet our team

Capt. Jarrod Covington

Owner / Chief Toilet Tech

With roots in small-town Beaufort NC, his passion for everything aquatic and nature lead to a business of sharing these experiences. Find him kitesurfing, surfing, paddling, creeping through a swamp, tickling a fiddler crab or telling jokes with a blue heron.

Taylar Herman

Reservations / Aquatic liaison / SUP nutritionist

Jersey tough meets southern attitude. This girl has a heart of gold and the paddle ethic to match. Lil Taylou comes from a family of dedicated watermen/women and it shows in her surf, sup and outrigger drive. Find her flying past you in an OC2, whipping up a life-changing smoothie at Adapt (hyperlink Nicco!) or taking over the German business world.

Mindy Johnson

Reservations / Aquatic liaison / Weatherologist

When not imparting knowledge on our future doctors at UNCW, Mindy is our voice of reason and care. Her skills on the water transcend a paddle with the perfect ability to take you on a journey through the serene marshes and a comical float. Smiles help the balance and soul. Find her on a prone board, crushing the loop in an OC1 or researching lightning patterns.

Logan Wagenseller

Program Director / Aquatic Liaison

Logan does it all. From the mountains to the sea, Tennessee to NC. Yogi meets water. Her gentle nature and humble approach are compliments of her many skills on and off the water and genuine passion. Find her doing a headstand on top of a dolphin, keeping us organized and designing your next adventure.

Will Morketter

Aquatic Liaison / Rentals Specialist

The Mork has been a foundation at Wsup. Always dependable, level headed and calm. An NC native, the ocean has always been his playground. When not acing a UNC test, he spends his summers getting barreled on a softy and showing you the ropes on SUPs, Yaks and more.

Cory Combs

Rental Manager / Fin Loss Technician

Sorry ladies, he’s taken. Don’t assume his smooth demeanor doesn’t reflect on his hobbies. On the water, he will make you feel as comfortable as a Quahog clam snugly tucked into a mud bed. Cory’s inquisitive nature will make you instant friends or questioning leaving your desk job and applying at Wrightsville SUP.

Holt Robison

Rental Manager / Jellyfish Tamer

Born and raised right here in WB, NC, Holt has this area dialed like the back of a flounder belly. His knowledge, kindness, and willingness to listen are rare for his age. Watch this young man transition from a waterman and local to freshman Colgate soccer star next year.

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