Jarrod of Wrightsville SUP and WBOCC Crew take on Molokai Hoe

Written by 
Capt. Jarrod Covington
September 19, 2017
Written by:
Capt. Jarrod Covington
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The Moloka'i Hoe is the most prestigious outrigger canoe race in the world, and this October, Jarrod of Wrightsville SUP and the WBOCC Crew take it on.

Over 1000+ paddlers gather from across the world each year to attempt this treacherous paddle for the men's world championship in outrigger canoe racing. The Moloka'i Hoe pushes the limits of physical and mental strength, individual endurance, tests courage, teamwork and determination while battling nature's most extreme elements.

The crew has trained vigorously for months with early-morning paddles, strengthening their physiques and camaraderie and perfecting their technique in preparation for this race, They've put in the work, and now they're reaching out to our special beach community for support.

Join Team Sweet Ti this Friday, September 22, at Waterman's Brewing Company from 6- 9 pm for beer, raffles, team swag, and general merriment in support of our local paddlers as they head to the big show in Hawaii in just a few short weeks. Join in community as we help make their road to Moloka'i Hoe a huge success, all while having a good time!

See you Friday in the 'Ohana Room! Aloha and Mahalo!