Hobie SUP E Series 12'6" and Starboard Paddle

Written by 
Capt. Jarrod Covington
February 1, 2017
Written by:
Capt. Jarrod Covington
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DEAR YOU, Have you been sitting on your butt oodlin at that new 55" Super Bowl Vizio your spouse got you? Gosh dang get up and outside on this Excellent like new condition Hobie 12'6" race board. 28" wide. So stable you'll swear a gorilla is floating underneath holding you as you glide effortlessly like Kai Lenny on a Waikiki foil session. Fast like speeds of a thousand millenium falcons. Starboard Carbon paddle sweeps you to endless bliss as you disappear into beyond OLED 4K marsh scenes that vizio could only dream about. Or flip burgers on the grill with it cuz it's such a dang deal. $1400. Call Wrightsville SUP at 910-378-9283.

Starboard Carbon Paddle
Hobie SUP
Hobie 12'6" Stand Up Paddleboard