Stand Up Paddleboarding


Explore the various options that Stand Up Paddle has to offer based on your skill level and comfort zone. We’ll provide you with a fun and easy outdoor water activity so you can feel what it’s like to walk on water. Leave your worries on land and let’s glide through the beautiful flatwater of the southern North Carolina waterways and pristine Atlantic Ocean. Perfect for families, wedding parties, corporate groups or You!


Paddled with us before or up for a quick review? Feel free to rent a board and explore! Our goal is to provide a safe and pleasurable experience for each person. A quick recap on skills, wind and tide is provided. As long as you can prove basic maneuvering and safety in conditions for the day, take off and enjoy the best paddling location in Wrightsville Beach. We handle groups of any size!


Add a new element to your yoga practice: water. We have partnered with LONGWAVE Yoga to challenge your balance on a moving board and meditate while you float. All levels are welcome, although a SUP basic lesson/tour with us or prior SUP experience with yoga are highly recommended. Classes are 1.5 hours long, with a 15 minute paddle out and back. Private classes available upon request.


Come explore a new way to get out and stay fit! Our SUP Fitness classes will help you get a great workout while enjoying the calm water around WB. Combine TRX rip trainers, body weight exercises, bosu, ropes and paddle exercises for the most dynamic and fun workout you've ever had. Bring a smile and a friend.


Wrightsville SUP offers SUP surfing lessons & excursions in Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Figure Eight Island, Topsail, and Surf City beaches. We go where the waves are the best. Our certified professional instructors will locate the perfect mellow beach break wave depending on the wind and tide, which offers a SUP surf session virtually any day of the year. We push the limit on SUPs and love the waves.


Ready for something different? Leave the tan at home and come explore the wildlife in a whole new light, or lack of. LEDs light the way underneath your board as we explore the unique creatures and inland creeks under the moon and stars. Truly a peaceful, epic experience you will never forget. 

Kayak & Canoe


Wrightsville Beach and the surrounding waters are home to thousands of different birds, fish, dolphins and more. Sit down, relax and explore with our expert guides as they take you where few venture to see the beauty and serenity our island has to offer. Fun for all ages, abilities and group sizes.


Any shape, size or style, we have it. Hop on and take off. We provide all equipment needed. After a quick safety briefing, you'll be off to your private sand island or cruising through glassy calm waters away from it all. Bring your fishing rod or binoculars. Single or Tandem, sit on top or inside kayaks available.

Outrigger Canoe

The OC-6 person canoe takes it back to the roots of true family and team paddling. Bring 4 friends or join an existing group and enjoy a paddling and cultural experience you will never forget. Our steersman will show you around the island in the best & safest way possible. Or join the OC Club for regular paddles.


Stand Up Paddleboarding


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Enjoy renting from a knowledgeable and passionate team of island enthusiasts! We have everything you need for a great experience! We only rent the best bikes with carry accessories for all your beach gear.


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